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Why Homes Don't Sell

Even in the midst of a housing crisis with a limited number of homes for sale, we are living in an age of abundance where everything is competing for our attention.

If you selling your home, you should consider all the things distracting home buyers from looking at your house (online and in person). Text, email, social media, app notifications, television, music, books, traffic, work, school, family, you name it.

Misleading Facts:

People joke about the fact that productivity tools on our phones have made us LESS productive. They also mention the fact that in the last 15 years, our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2017. (Less than a goldfish.) These don't tell the whole story...

Before Smartphones:

Before the age of smartphones and productivity tools, we had fewer things competing for our attention. Today, we are bombarded with distractions in all directions every moment of the day. Some of us do a pretty good job of staying focused. Others fall into the trap of Pavlov's continuous smartphone dopamine hits throughout the day.

How focused are today's home buyers?

Definitely less focused than they used to be. If you really want someone's attention, you need sexy photos with deliberate color arrangements that arouse “fascination triggers” like lust and curiosity. Targeted marketing with engaging copywriting that is delivered to home buyers with consistent iterations, reinforced on multiple platforms...

Nobody has time anymore. We scan headlines, skim articles for keywords, bounce back and forth on google search results, look at the first two or three pictures of a new listing, and then move on to the next. We can't look at every picture, read every article, see every home, review every resume, or pay attention to every advertisement.

We Are Being Overwhelmed

Google scans tens of millions of websites in less than a second to bring you the most relevant results. There are 300 hours of new content uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. We are out of time. Why do people not buy certain houses? They are too distracted by other things to take a good look. What can you do to get their attention?

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