What are you really selling?

Someone walks into Home Depot to buy a drill... what do they need?


But think about this... Who is buying the drill? Is it someone who doesn’t own a drill and simply needs a drill to make holes in their wall?

Or is this someone who needs the BEST drill to make holes in a surface that other drills can’t penetrate? Maybe a long-lasting battery?

See the difference?

To one person, “holes” is a simple concept, and this is the tool that makes holes.

To the other, “holes” is a bit more complicated. How much torque does it have, what kind of drill bits does it need, how powerful is the battery, etc. They already know they need a drill, so don’t say something like “you need a drill”.

Both need holes, but the context is different.

In your business, do you know who you’re selling to? And are you selling the right thing? Context is important.