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Warehouse District

History & Background

This large area of Downtown Los Angeles is still very industrial and will probably stay that way. The Warehouse District is comprised of other smaller sections like the Flower, Toy, Produce, and Seafood Districts. While these areas aren’t mutually exclusive, it is evident which one you’re in simply by reading building names.

One of the most renowned areas in this neighborhood is the Flower District, the largest wholesale flower market in the United States. In this area, there are two main markets: The Los Angeles Flower Market and the Southern California Flower Market, and both have great prices when buying in bulk or just picking up a few things for the home. For restaurants owners or people who go through lots of produce, there’s the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. Show up extra early in the morning for crates of fresh mangoes, tomatoes, etc. going for bargain prices. Just remember this isn’t Whole Foods, so step lively! The Seafood District includes a few restaurants, most notably Catch 21 and Fisherman’s Outlet Restaurant that also has a seafood market.

Urban Housing

The Warehouse District does not currently have a lot of housing; however developers are proposing a billion-dollar mixed-use complex, City Market, with housing, offices, hotels. If this project gets approved by the City and breaks ground, you can bet developers will be lining up.

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