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Little Tokyo

History & Background

One of only three “Japantowns” in the United States, Little Tokyo became a beacon for Japanese immigrants in the first half of the 20th Century. It is the birthplace of the first authentic California Roll when Chef Ichiro Machita added avocado to his sushi rolls in the late ’60s at his restaurant Tokyo Kaikan.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Little Tokyo’s nightlife centers on 1st & 2nd Streets, and in between is the busy Japanese Village Plaza. This area of Little Tokyo is loaded with innovative sushi and ramen restaurants, wagashi (bakery shops), cocktail bars, and history. Some of L.A.’s longest-running restaurants are located here: Fugetsu-Do and Mikawaya. Also in Little Tokyo is the ramen restaurant Daikokuya, which is on Yelp’s Top 10 list of most popular restaurants in the country.

Urban Housing

Most of the residences are located just south of Japanese Village Plaza with more being built every day. There are the Hikari and Sakura Apartments, Miyako Gardens, and the new AVA Little Tokyo apartments. However, AVA has many phases to complete before they’re completely finished, and there’s also the seven-story Sares-Regis building to be completed in the next couple years.

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