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It's Just Business

Ever hear that in real life? Ever SAY that to someone? How did it go?

It usually comes with bad news. Never, “We are giving you a promotion. We don’t want to, but it’s just business.” Could it be, we just need something to blame when we have a hard choice versus an even harder choice?

In my experience, this bleeds over into the customer relationship as well. We’re so insecure sometimes, we have to feel like we have the upper hand with our customer. Leverage. How precarious.

Compassion is an overlooked part of business. With your coworkers, employees, and especially your customers and clients.

The most successful and adored brands in the world do this right—actually, it’s the reason why they’re adored. Because they follow the golden rule.

Your customers are human. They have needs, fears, and they have bad days—just like all of us. Just like you.

How compassionate can you be today?

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