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Is There Demand for You?

I spent years in the real estate industry, selling mortgages and selling houses as an agent. In Los Angeles, there is no demand for another real estate agent.

If you threw a rock down the street, you will hit 3 real estate agents, 1 mortgage salesman, 3 actors, 2 founders of a tech start-up, 3 movie producers, a screenwriter, and 8 Uber drivers.

In L.A., there are thousands and thousands of people who need a real estate agent, but there are also thousands and thousands of agents competing for their business.

Why would they pick you? Are you their best friend? Are you their cousin? Do you offer a discount? Are you the dominant agent in the neighborhood? If you say “No” to all of those questions, you have a problem.

Your services are a commodity. Buying flour is a commodity. Flour doesn’t solve problems. But, high gluten flour does—it’s great for pizza crust.

Actually, you don’t have a problem… you have an opportunity: You need to create a place where there IS demand for you. Either carve out a niche that nobody else is serving, or you can find an advantage that they will only get by working with you.

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