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How Imagination and Value Are Connected

Every day I meet sellers wanting to know what their home's value.

Some people compare homes of similar size, layout, architecture, in the same neighborhood and come up with an average. Some calculate the "price per square foot". But how many times do we get that wrong? All the time.

Jim Rohn said "We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace which takes time, but we only get paid for the value, not the time."

If we put this in terms of real estate... the size of the house, layout, (metrics) don't really matter, only the value it brings the buyer. The secret is learning how to communicate that value to people who think they're creative and imaginative, but really not.

If people were as imaginative as they thought they were, we wouldn't need fancy photography and drone videos for new listings. We wouldn't need PR companies to help launch new products, or copywriters to write interesting advertisements, professional resume writers for job applicants, etc.

The more value you can show, the more it' worth to a buyer... this includes giving them enough of a reason to walk into your home after seeing it online. Imagine a buyer looking at properties online Sunday morning, "Is this one worth seeing in person?"

The second you assume home buyers will take the initiative and connect the dots themselves, you're lying to yourself.

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