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How Do You Exceed Expectations?

How can you exceed expectations with your customers if you never set them to begin with?

Here’s what I mean: Most people bring in revenue from their business, do the work to close deals, keep their customers, and do a good enough job so more customers show up.

That keeps you afloat month after month.

But how much thought and effort did you put into the design of the customer experience?

Do you do the same thing with every single customer—within reason? Or is everything always completely different from start to finish?

“My business is unique and I can’t built a process around it.”

Do you at least always have a consulting meeting at the beginning? Do you always spend a week putting together a proposal? Do they always get a certain product or service they can expect?

We would bend over backwards for our customers because we truly love them, and want our work to better their lives and their own businesses.

We all aim to please. But sometimes, our “good intentions” get the best of us. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My heart goes out to you. It does.

There has to be something we can do to create a reliable expectation for our customers. Right?

For one reason, expectations make them more comfortable with the process.

But most importantly, it makes it a lot easier to exceed them.

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