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Do you make good ads?

Most people fumble around the keyboard and make bad ads that don’t convert. It’s due to a lack of planning.

In direct marketing, the goal of an ad is to make the prospect “take action”.

Taking action could be anything: calling a phone number, submitting their contact information, purchasing a product, installing an app.

Quick Tip: Every time you write a line of copy or put together a concept for an ad, ask yourself this question, “What is the purpose of this ad?”

If they are submitting their phone number or email address for you to contact them, why should they WANT you to call them?

In other words, what do they need to know so they look forward to answering your call?

If they are installing an app, do they know what the app does and how to use it? Maybe even why the app exists in the first place?

In the digital world, we all want cheap clicks, but cheap clicks mean nothing if they don’t translate into real conversions further down the funnel.

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