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Did you choose your market?

Or did your market choose you?

What “Industry” you're in, is much different than what “Market”.

For example, you’re in the real estate industry, but maybe you’re in the LA Hipster first-time homebuyer market.

You’re in the restaurant industry, but you’re in the girls-night-out healthy food & martini bar market.

See the difference?

Once you know what market you’re in, you can work on things that fit exactly with your market—but not necessarily with industry “norms”.

Next big question... what’s the “minimum viable audience” for your market?

Is it enough to make a living off of? Or is it a huge market, and you could probably narrow it a little more.

Key point: Just because you go after your market, that doesn’t mean outsiders don’t love what you do, too.

Just make something special and of value for specific people. You’ll be surprised how many others see value in what you’re doing.

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