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City West

History & Background

Until very recently, City West would not have been considered part of DTLA. However, with several high-rise buildings being introduced like 1100 and TenTen Wilshire, City West has incorporated itself into the Downtown skyline. In addition to all the high-rises going up, the nearby Good Samaritan Hospital is planning a huge expansion project. If you haven’t visited the area for a few years, you won’t even recognize it.

Nightlife & Entertainment

City West is home to Los Angeles Center Studios, a state-of-the-art film/TV studio (The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Where the Wild Things Are and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and hosts many public and private events on its 20-acre campus. One of the area’s great steakhouses, Pacific Dining Car, has been around since the 1920s (and is open 24 hours a day). There are several other restaurants up and down 6th Street and Wilshire, with many more to come.

Urban Housing

City West offers many great places to live west of the 110 freeway. There is the newly completed ElevenEleven and TenTen Wilsire, the Medici and Glo Apartments, Bixel at 5th, the Visconti Apartments just off 3rd Street, and developers are still building. In addition, the 200-plus apartment project Valencia is scheduled to open in late 2015, and plans for a giant complex across the street from 1100 Wilshire are in the works.

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