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History & Background

Chinatown was originally established in the 1880s next to the El Pueblo neighborhood, but was later moved for construction of Union Station. “New Chinatown” was partly drafted by Hollywood movie set designers to give it a certain “feel” to attract tourism as well as build a great living set for filming. A large majority of the Chinese-American residents from this area have moved into the San Gabriel Valley, and today Chinatown has a much more diverse resident population.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Despite the shifting demographics in Chinatown, it is still the best place to get great Chinese food. Lots of restaurants line Hill and Broadway. If you’re looking for a place to get a drink, be sure to check out Grand Star Jazz Club and Melody Lounge.

Urban Housing

Chinatown is busy with development. There are the new Orsini and Jia apartments that have recently signed their first leases, and there’s the $100 million Blossom Plaza mixed-use project on Broadway set to open in Spring of 2016 with 230-plus rental units. It will have a giant public plaza and a raised walkway to the Gold Line station.

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