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Branding vs. Direct Marketing

As a strategic marketer for a digital growth company, we have a lot of contention with startups and small businesses about what types of ads to make and what kinds of campaigns to run.

There are two types of marketing:

  1. Branding. This is the “super bowl ad” that shows your personality, how you want your company to appear to the public. These are the type of ads and campaigns you get from traditional agencies.

  2. Direct Marketing. This is what you get from a digital growth company, or what small business owners might think of as “direct response” marketing. We call them “scrappy ads” that are designed to one thing: make sales. In a nutshell, how much money did you spend, and how many sales did you get?

Both are necessary.

But as a small business with a limited budget, usually you can’t fiscally afford to do both, but unfortunately, your business’s survival can’t afford for you NOT to do both.

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