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Beware of Charlatans

We are all quick to talk about the launch process for a listing. Online listing syndication, email marketing, social media promotions, direct mail campaigns, etc.

Unfortunately, most people don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about. In general, in most career fields. Agents, Marketers, Managers, you name it. They don't know. They're just trying to sound cool when they say stuff...

Here's a perfect example: Back when I was learning about "search engine optimization" (SEO), I spent some time in online forums. Reading case studies, best practices, what to avoid, learning how the Google Search Algorithm works, how they update it, etc. On forums, you find a lot of subject matter experts spending their time teaching complete strangers what they know, for free.

It's unbelievable how smart some of these people are, and how they choose to spend their free time. The vast majority of the people asking for advice were actual SEO marketers who were charging customers money! I couldn't believe it! Worse, was how little they knew about the concepts... some of these "experts" knew as little as I did... yet, they were taking money from someone, claiming to be an expert in the field.

"Fake it until you make it."

Right or wrong, we all have to "fake it until you make it" to some extent. In the sales field, people learn what they call "scripts & dialogues". Salesmen found out what works and what doesn't, wrote down what works, and then teach everyone how to say it. You're meeting someone who is going to sell your home, get you on Google, advertise your product on social media, build your house, sell you a car...

How much do they actually know, and how much are they just repeating scripts and dialogues?

Can you tell the difference between "demonstration" of knowledge and a "recital" of words? No wonder they call it a "listing presentation" in real estate :-)

What if there was a better way to suss out who was the real deal? What else could you look for that is a better sign of adeptness than simply saying the right words in the right order... I would argue that "resourcefulness" is the key factor.

  • Do you need the richest man, or the man with access to money?

  • Do you need a know-it-all, or someone who knows where to find the answers?

In my experience, nobody knows everything, has everything, or does everything. People who say they do, have a name: charlatans.

Beware of the charlatans.

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