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Are you connecting the dots for your customers?

In a sense, good marketing is like the movie Inception. Our job is to lay all the dots in front of your customers...

… and let them connect the dots themselves.

If you do all the legwork yourself, explain everything, neatly lay out decision they need to make, and when to make it, the idea isn’t theirs—they feel manipulated, like they’re being sold something.

“You need the simplest version of the idea-the one that will grow naturally in the subject's mind.”

We all have that friend—or spouse—that doesn’t listen to your suggestions, only to come up with the same exact idea the very next day. They need to think the idea is theirs.

Our job as marketers is to influence. We do that by being the ones who PUT the writing on the wall, and letting everyone find it for themselves and think…

“Hey, this might work.”

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