Marketing simplified.

There are a million things to consider when figuring out (or refining) marketing strategy, but it's best to keep things simple, and stay focused on your big goals.

A breadth of experience.

This is not all of the brands, but a small handful of the type of brands I've worked with over the years.


It's worth noting that not all of these campaigns were slam dunks (although some were), but those campaigns where we struggled and ultimately failed were some of the most valuable and illuminating experiences. Not to mention, they make the slam dunks that much more sweet.

If we wanted to "un-simplify" a little without getting too 'in the weeds', let's talk about two metrics: LTV and CPA.

LTV stands for the Lifetime Value of a customer, how much is this person worth? This is a combination of how long they stay, how much money they bring in, and how many new people they bring you.

CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition which is how much it costs to turn them into a paying customer. There are three main metrics to keep in mind when talking about acquisition.

This is where things get fun!

We start diving into how to increase revenue for each customer, how to bring them back over and over, and how to get them to refer their friends. And when it comes to acquisition, talking about who to reach, where to reach them, what to say to them once you've reached them, and how to persuade them to open their wallets and spend their hard-earned money with you.

Much more than can be laid out on a single webpage.

If it's more expensive to bring in customers than they're worth, you need to find ways to lower the cost of acquisition... or, find ways to increase their value to offset the cost to bring them in.

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