Quick story: A few years ago, I used to write a print newsletter every month, on the back page, there was a trivia question where you had to go to my website to find the answer.

I loved to track the number of people who visit the site every month to see how I was doing with piquing the curiosity of my readers.

One time, I caught myself skimming the final draft while proofreading it. I wasn’t even reading the whole thing. Why? It was too hard to read.

The research for the newsletter was interesting, the layout was beautiful, the font was modern, images were perfect, but it was hard to read! It made reading my newsletters a lot of work. People would pick it up, cross their eyes, and put it down.

Because of the challenge I put between them and my message, I lost their attention.

Think about your customers. Assuming they want to buy what you have to offer, are you inadvertently putting unnecessary hurdles in front of them?

After I caught myself skimming my own newsletter, I tightened everything up, and eventually it was a breeze to read... Same content, just easier to consume.

You know how this story ends... the very next newsletter, the number of people visiting my website for the answer to the trivia question DOUBLED.

Go pick some low-hanging fruit for yourself.

How competitive are you in business? Or... asked another way, how competitive do you have to be?

A lot of businesses have many direct competitors where the only difference is price. That’s a dangerous position to be in. Sometimes, not even price.

You might be more skilled, have more features or benefits, but do your customers know? Or do they care?

When I was in real estate, my broker had so many special features we offered our clients, but nobody cared, it didn’t make any difference.

There is a way to be different, by creating your own niche. Create a market where they NEED to work with you.

Finish this sentence: “I am the only..."

Ever hear that in real life? Ever SAY that to someone? How did it go?

It usually comes with bad news. Never, “We are giving you a promotion. We don’t want to, but it’s just business.” Could it be, we just need something to blame when we have a hard choice versus an even harder choice?

In my experience, this bleeds over into the customer relationship as well. We’re so insecure sometimes, we have to feel like we have the upper hand with our customer. Leverage. How precarious.

Compassion is an overlooked part of business. With your coworkers, employees, and especially your customers and clients.

The most successful and adored brands in the world do this right—actually, it’s the reason why they’re adored. Because they follow the golden rule.

Your customers are human. They have needs, fears, and they have bad days—just like all of us. Just like you.

How compassionate can you be today?