Attention is easy to get… hard to keep. The attention-span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. The average human? 8 seconds.

Without getting someone’s attention, there’s nothing to keep. But today we’re talking about keeping. Next time, we’ll talk about getting someone’s attention.

Can you keep it long enough to get to your point? Speaking of… what IS your point?

Use clear language, few adjectives, and tell the user what they need to know.

Are you selling a product? Keep in mind that you can leverage what they already know about similar products, so go straight to what they need to know about YOURS.

Think of your copy as a nice dinner.

You want it to be direct and have substance, but not too heavy making your readers groggy and lethargic. Stick to the basic food groups and lose the gravy.

Most people fumble around the keyboard and make bad ads that don’t convert. It’s due to a lack of planning.

In direct marketing, the goal of an ad is to make the prospect “take action”.

Taking action could be anything: calling a phone number, submitting their contact information, purchasing a product, installing an app.

Quick Tip: Every time you write a line of copy or put together a concept for an ad, ask yourself this question, “What is the purpose of this ad?”

If they are submitting their phone number or email address for you to contact them, why should they WANT you to call them?

In other words, what do they need to know so they look forward to answering your call?

If they are installing an app, do they know what the app does and how to use it? Maybe even why the app exists in the first place?

In the digital world, we all want cheap clicks, but cheap clicks mean nothing if they don’t translate into real conversions further down the funnel.

In a sense, good marketing is like the movie Inception. Our job is to lay all the dots in front of your customers...

… and let them connect the dots themselves.

If you do all the legwork yourself, explain everything, neatly lay out decision they need to make, and when to make it, the idea isn’t theirs—they feel manipulated, like they’re being sold something.

“You need the simplest version of the idea-the one that will grow naturally in the subject's mind.”

We all have that friend—or spouse—that doesn’t listen to your suggestions, only to come up with the same exact idea the very next day. They need to think the idea is theirs.

Our job as marketers is to influence. We do that by being the ones who PUT the writing on the wall, and letting everyone find it for themselves and think…

“Hey, this might work.”