About Tyler Harman

As a Marketer

As of 2019, Tyler is a marketing strategist and funnel specialist at Staircase Digital--which is a scaling startup that scales startups. In his time at Staircase, he has led the digital marketing campaigns of over 50 different tech startups. With each new campaign, he strategizes directly with the founders and C-level executives, identifies key value propositions, establishes campaign goals, and coordinates with the creative team and copywriters to build the ads and sales funnels, then builds the campaigns and manages targeting, delivery, and spend--well over $5 million in annual spend. "It's basically like working out at a 'marketing gym' every day, 10-12 hours a day. You have your deadlifts, bench press, curls, shoulders, back, legs, free weights, jump rope, elliptical machine, but there's no trainer... you're the trainer."

As a Business Owner

Tyler is the founder of Harmdogg, a digital marketing company which specializes in local customer acquisition of small businesses across the U.S. These campaigns can best be described as a hybrid of the two polar opposites: broad brand-focused and targeted direct marketing, all done on micro-budgets. "After dealing with countless CMOs and other experienced marketers, it became clear to me that people love to complicate things--and that's because nobody wants to admit they don't know what's really going on. That's why I love founders and real operators, always have... They're sales guys; they get it. They live where the rubber meets the road."

In Real Estate & Mortgage

In real estate, the proclaimed "Agent to the Hipsters" made a name for himself with detailed real estate economic forecasts, explained the migration of first-time real estate buyers to Northeast L.A., and laid out exactly how to buy and sell homes with the first ever online video series, "The Real Estate Black Book". As a mortgage salesman, Tyler thrived in dealing with numbers and finding ways to close tough loans. He came on just after the housing crash of 2008 and spent the majority of his time helping borrowers save their homes from foreclosure with tough refinances. "I've always been good at math and good at telling stories, but this was the first time I could mix them both together. Most people don't like numbers, but who doesn't love a good story? Especially when the story ends with a low payment, thousands of dollars in monthly savings, or a new place to call home."

U.S. Air Force Aviation

In the Air Force, Tyler flew on the E-3 AWACS as a flying aircrew instructor where he provided in-air surveillance behind Air Force One around the globe, on missions called "Operation Noble Eagle". In addition to Presidential support, he flew counter-drug missions in South American and the Caribbean picking up drug boats and airplane smugglers, and humanitarian missions after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita coordinating helicopter rooftop pickups for survivors. "Failure was not an option. It's not like losing money on a business, there's way more on the line. Life, death, national security. But honestly, knowing you are not allowed to fail, you act differently... You just always get it right."

In the Restaurant Business

Tyler grew up in a restaurant family. His dad owns and consults for restaurants in Iowa, and back in the 80s & 90s, he was the guy you call when your resort was on the brink. He was exposed to the crazy restaurant life at an early age, and worked in every front-of-the-house position before leaving for the Air Force. "You learn a lot about business when you grow up watching someone do this job your whole life. He was the Dr. Frankenstein brining restaurants back from the dead, and turning making a profit every month. He was all about smooth operations and simplifying everything down to their essence. I definitely took that with me."

Personal Life

Tyler has his MBA from Upper Iowa University where he specialized in culture, change, and quality. His passion is studying psychology and how culture is shaped on an organizational management level as well as a consumer marketing level. And like most people, is a huge fan of W. Edwards Deming. In his free time, he walks is two weiner dogs, Tippy Canoe and Lucy Lou around his neighborhood in Los Feliz with his wife Becky. He is an avid reader, averaging about 30 books a year, in marketing, psychology, philosophy; but also loves to wind down at night with Everybody Loves Raymond reruns or YouTube videos of dogs laughing. "I'm an old soul and socially ambidextrous, so I can relate to everyone and make them laugh."


Tyler graduated from Upper Iowa University in 2013 with his MBA with an emphasis on Organizational Development (culture & change management). Prior to his MBA, he graduated from AIB College of Business with his Bachelors in Business in 2011, and Associates in Sales & Marketing in 2010.

Charity & Giving Back

"One of the most touching and inspiring stories I've ever heard was from Tony Robbins about Thanksgiving... He didn't grow up with a lot of money, and when he was 11, as usual, there was no food in his home for Thanksgiving. That year, there was a knock on the door, and some stranger bought them an entire Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. Years later, as a janitor at 17, he worked extra nights and weekends to save up enough to buy two families a Thanksgiving dinner. To date, he's fed over 100 million on Thanksgiving. "The past few years, My wife, Becky, and I have put together very similar gift bags for the homeless and deliver them on Christmas day. Our first year, we did 12. Last year, 25. This past year, we did 50. Next year, 100... We're going to double every year. We're calling it 'Jingle Bags'. "We definitely have our work cut out for ourselves!"

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