Tyler HarmanTyler Harman was born in Ft. Myers Beach, FL, graduated high school in Iowa, and joined the U.S. Air Force at 18.

"Most of my high school friends grew up with a much different experience. While they were coming home for Thanksgiving break to binge drink with their friends, I was in a mock P.O.W. camp getting the crap kicked out of me!"

Tyler spent the next six years of his life on-board the E-3 AWACS flying Presidential Support Missions (Operation Noble Eagle) where he flew behind Air Force One enforcing "no fly zones" around the world.

"When you're protecting the President, failure just isn't an option... really simplifies things."

Tyler got his start in real estate as a mortgage banker at the end of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown in 2009.

"Coming up in those days was a completely different environment that most people were used to. Everyone else was kicking and screaming about how hard it was with the new regulations, but since I was new, I didn't know any better so it was easy for me!"

In 2014, he started writing for magazines about Downtown L.A.'s real estate renaissance, then the hipsters:

"I was just fascinated with these hipsters and the neighborhoods they were moving into. For as dorky as they looked, they seemed pretty brave to move in these dangerous neighborhoods where they really weren't welcome."

Tyler Harman Real Estate Agent Los Angeles

Today, Tyler spends his time studying the Los Angeles real estate market, writing for Realest, working on his real estate web series, "The Real Estate Black Book", and helping his clients buy and sell homes in L.A.

"I love studying and learning. I probably read two new books a week, and I'm always exploring new neighborhoods to be knowledgeable in. In fact, curling up with a nice glass of wine and a spreadsheet full of sales data sounds like a good time to me!"

In his leisure time, he and his wife are usually out looking at properties, watching re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond, or hiking with their two wiener dogs, Tippy Canoe and Lucy Lou.

"Definitely not your average real estate agent. Let me put it this way, I'm probably the only MBA you'll ever meet who does yoga, drinks scotch with his steak, and watches Looney Tunes in the morning while he gets real estate updates."